A Sea of Crystal Spheres

The Ancestors

The Murdoksson Clan have worshiped The Ancestors for centuries. A gathering of noble spirits of great warriors and scholars that had gone before. 

Murdok Wraithscourge.

Murdok led the clan from its ancestral home from beyond the heavenly gate. Legend says that the Spirits foresaw the oncoming plague of the Wraithkin – a cruel race born of Nifelheimr. The Wraithkin descended upon Murdok and his kin. Many were slain in this dark time. But the Spirits came to Murdok in a vision and guided him to a mystical hammer.  The hammer aided Murdok greatly in felling this terrible foe, but alas over time the Wraithkin grew too many and Murdok and his kin were forced to flee. Arnhoddr – Murdok's advisor beseeched the Spirits for guidance. They were told to seek a great gateway that would lead them to salvation. Thus the Murdoksson Clan came to this world and carved a new life for themselves. But never forgetting their heritage and always giving reverence and thanks to Murdok and the Ancestors for their great deliverance.

Arnhoddr the Watcher.

Arnhoddr was the advisor to Murdok. He spoke to the Spirits of the homeland and sought their guidance in all things. It was he whom learned of the gate that the Spirits told would lead the people to their salvation. Upon coming to this world, Arnhoddr ordaned that a temple be built to revere the Spirits and cronical their history of the old lands, so that it was never forgotten. Thus Arnhoddr became the first in line of the clan's Watchers – a position held by the head of the clan's clergy to the present day to lead services in honouring the Ancestors.

Knut the Guardian.

Knut was Murdok's champion and leader of the clan's warriors. In the wars with the Wraithkin, Knut strength was second only to his lord and king. When finally the clan reached the new world, Arnhoddr bestowed the blessings of the Spirits upon Knut for his services to the clan and thus Knut became the first paladin of the clan and gave rise to the Order of the Spirit-Hammers – the guardians of the Temple and spiritual bastion of the clan.

Hansdotter the Tracker.

Hansdotter was the clan's chief huntmistress. During the war with the Wraithkin, she led many guerilla ambushes to thwart their dark foes. In the final exodus it was her and 10 score of her noble rangers that distracted the Wraithkin while the clan made their escape. Thus all Murdoksson revere Hansdotter as their chief patron in the Ancestor pantheon. 




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